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Issue #4   2 - 13 - 1999

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Monu-Cad Pro for Windows '95-98 Progress Report

We are currently testing the latest version which will be released at the end of the month.  I am very excited about this program and I can't wait to get it into your hands.  Some of the new rotation and scaling options will just blow your minds!   Things that I have been dreaming about doing for years are just now coming to fruition and it feels good!  There is still a lot of work to be done and we will be pushing every day to see that this version gets out the door on time.

2-20-1999 continued

Today I am testing Version 2.00.114 of MCPro.  We just firmed up the Visual Window Image, Move, Rotate,  Scale and Copy commands.   They are really neat commands and from what I can see these new features will really excite everyone!  All of these visual commands have been designed to give you constant, positive  visual feedback while you are changing a part of the drawing.   Now you can place just a bud into a set of leaves and visually make it larger or smaller till it is just the right size to fit into the carving.  All moving, scaling, rotating, imaging and copying commands now let you see what is going on as it happens allowing you to make minute adjustments "by eye" in seconds!

We are on schedule for the end of the month release.   First release will be available directly here from our Download page with CDs to be shipped shortly there after.  Since development will be continuing for some months, we anticipate that there will be a new release every 3 weeks or so as we continue to add features.


Today we are testing Ver 2.00.115 of MCPro which is acting in a very solid fashion.  We are putting the finishing "touches" on MonuCut95 to go with it.  Documentation is not completed and has fallen behind due to time constraints. I think I can...I think I can... I think I can...  Stay tuned.....

Your comments and feedback will be appreciated.  Check this page often for continued MCPro news.

Here is the best part for Monu-Cad users!  We own the code!  It's all ours!  Developed in house!  This means that we can change, embellish, improve to our hearts content now and in the future!  It also means that the supplier cannot go out of business and leave us and our users stranded.   It's  VC++ and MFC for you techno types out there....FULL 32 BIT Windows '95-'98-NT code, not last years doctored 16 bit code.  In the future, should a user or organization need a custom version to do special custom processes, we are now in a position to offer a specialized version.


I just found a little extra time to snap some screen shots of Pro, the thumbnail file selector, MonuCut, Cut Menu etc. to help with your curiosity so....

Click Here to View Screen Shots of Monu-Cad Pro


Testing Ver 2.00.117 today.  Polishing little things and adding a few new features.  We are on track.


Guess what?  Still testing and polishing!   A few things didn't go as we expected this weekend and the few extra days we need aren't available in the month of February.  It should only be a few more days.   Thanks for your patience.

3-4-1999  12:20 AM

Embarrassed as I may be, we said we would keep you advised here and so we will.  Since 4PM Monday, we have been fighting with a compiler problem which is keeping me from releasing.  We are up to version .119 now which should do it for this release except for this 1 particular frustrating bug.   I've tried Raid, Lysol, Black Flag, DDT, a fly swatter and a hammer!  Jeanne suggested I find the sledge hammer I used on the back of that slant years ago when the guys in the shop put the clasping hands on upside down!  One thing you know...we won't give up!

3-4-1999 10:35 AM

It's Compiling!!   We will be testing all day and hope to post tonight! (God Willing and the creek don't rise!)  Stop back later today for more info.

BTW, we just got a call from a person who was wondering why we were not at the New England / NYSate convention in Sturbridge, Mass. last weekend.  It had nothing to do with the shoot out and the big sign company sending out a postcard saying that they "won" the ShootOut.  No, nothing that dramatic!  When we applied "early" for display booths, we were advised that there were no booths left!  That's what happens at a smaller regional convention when ROA buys 17 booths!  We understand that 16 other companies also could not get booth space!  In any case, we spent an enjoyable weekend with Leslie Bryson from Bryson Memorials, Texas who flew in for training on his new Monu-Cad System.  We probably would have been torn between the convention and Leslie's training session if we had a booth at the convention.  Instead, we learned all about life in Texas, how to properly wear a 10 gallon hat, what TexMex food is like, how monuments differ in Texas from the NE.....  We showed Leslie first hand the joys of driving in snow!  He was most impressed with the herd of deer we spotted and especially the size of the deer!   ...don't grow that big in Texas!  Back to the compiler........stay tuned.....


proicon.gif (419 bytes)  Here You Go! ...  Click Here

Can you afford to waste Stencil?

What is the biggest expense in your shop?  Lets all hear it now!  Stencil!   You buy it, use it once and throw it away!  At between $1.70 - $2.00 per square foot, that is a big expense!

The Facts

A 25" roll costs $106.00 today     a 30" roll costs $127.00 today (2-7-99)

18 rolls of 25" costs $1,908.00     18 rolls of 30" costs $2,286.00

The difference is $378.00 or just about  20%

Our largest competitor's vinyl cutter cannot use 25" stencil!  Only 30"
(and can only cut 27" of the 30" width)

(If you make 500  2-0 x 1-0 grass markers per year you will use (500 / 29 = 17.24) or 18 rolls of stencil on those markers.  (18) 30" rolls costs $2,286.00  (18) 25" rolls costs $1,908.00.  That's a difference of $378.00 (19.81%).)

What size stencil do you normally use?  Exactly!  25 inch!

What does this mean?  It means that the increased stencil cost will very soon wipe out any price savings one might realize from purchasing a system from the big sign maker.

If we round the percentage to 20%, then a larger user who consumes 700 rolls of stencil each year could find a difference of $18,000.00 per year.  For the difference in the cost of stencil, a larger user could afford to buy a whole new system each year with the stencil savings alone!  And, as a bonus, our cutter is 4 times as fast!

For Monument Work, the Monu-Cad cutter saves 20% in stencil costs over the big sign maker's vinyl cutter!  Another benefit from purchasing a system that has been designed by and for the monument industry.

So... when you get a postcard from a certain supplier promoting the big sign maker system, remember that he also sells stencil.

Regional and State Conventions

If your state organization is hosting a convention, we would be pleased to post a report and any photos you may take of the convention here in the Monu-Cad eZine.  Simply contact me to discuss how you would like to proceed.  Call 607-264-3611 or click here to send me email   ( jim@monu-cad.com )

User Showcase

We have a page here on our site dedicated to displaying pictures of our users installations. Many of you have built very nice Monu-Cad operating rooms.  We would really like to show off your installation to other users.  Please mail in or email a photo of your Monu-Cad setup room and we will put it on the showcase page along with your company information and even add a link to your web site!  Click Here to go to User Showcase page

Retail User page

We would like to build a page on this site which contains links to the sites of Retail Monument Dealers every where.   If you are a Retail Monument Dealer and have a web site, drop me a note and I will add a site Link to this page.  email URL link to Monu-Cad

WorkSaver Keyboard                          Work Saver Keyboard

Many of you are familiar with the MCK-142 WorkSaver programmable keyboard that we have included with our Monu-Cad systems for years.  We dedicated a page to it here on our website and have been selling it "like hot cakes"!  If you are interested in what may be considered to be the greatest keyboard ever made for use on any of your PC computers, click on this link and take a look.  Goto WorkSaver Keyboard

Letters From Our Readers

We have been receiving a steady stream of e-mails from our readers which have been most encouraging!  Thanks to all for their comments and well wishes. We will strive to continue to deserve your praise.  read letters to editor  check out the latest comments from readers in the ShootOut issue #3  click here


to be continued...stop back soon.....

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