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Issue #2   1-18-1999

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New Elberton, Georgia High School CAD Tech Lab

The Elberton, GA High School recently received a grant to establish a new 26 seat CAD tech lab for the training of students and local people in the latest computer techniques.  Of prime importance to the Faculty is the inclusion of a CAD training program to help train or retrain local persons in Computer Assisted Memorial Design to enable them to find employment in the Elberton Granite Industry.  We commend Tom and the EGA for their part in helping secure the grant.

Monu-Cad was approached by the Elberton High School Faculty for assistance in setting up the CAD Lab.   We consulted with Nancy and assisted in specking out the hardware requirements and offered assistance wherever we could.  Because of the budget constraints and limitations of the grant they had received, all could not be made possible unless there were some sacrifices made.    We therefore agreed to donate 26 copies of our New Monu-Cad Pro Windows '95-98 software to the school so that they could spend the majority of their grant money on purchasing the necessary computer hardware that they will need.  We wish the Faculty success and have agreed to continue to help out where ever needed.  We intend to visit the facility in March and intend to visit regularly as guest lecturers.

What is going on with the MSDOS Update

The Monu-Cad MSDOS programs have undergone several revisions over the course of 1997-1998.  In accordance with our usual operating procedure, various programs have been changed or modified as suggestions have come in from customers and new ideas have popped up.  New alphabets have also been added.

When we send out an update, all these changes which have accumulated during the year are sent out on the update disks.  The main difference this year has been the massive amount of time and effort that developing the Windows programs has taken.  While we fully intended to send out a DOS update, the time constraints have not permitted this.  So, here we sit with updated programs you could be using yet, you don't have them.

What to do?  Well, the way we have been handling this is to individually send them to anyone who has requested them by email.  Interestingly enough, there have only been a few requests.  The current plan is as follows.   The Windows programs will be shipped on a CD.  When this CD is made up, we intend to include the latest MSDOS programs on the CD.  That is the plan at this time.

Short Staff Notice

While we are at the MBNA convention and traveling to and from (Jan 22-29, 1999), our main office will be short staffed.  As usual, we will stay in contact with the office and handle customer service from the road.  Should you experience telephone response delays during this period, please accept our apology.

Users Group Meeting at MBNA Convention

There will be a Monu-Cad Users Group Meeting at the MBNA Convention in Charlotte Sunday Morning.  The meeting will start at 9:00AM in the Convention Center in room 217 B & C.  We will be displaying the new Windows programs and answering questions over a cup of coffee. The meeting is open to Monu-Cad users and other interested Monu-Cad supporters.  Jim, Jeanne and Michele will be there to greet all.  We hope to see many of you there.



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