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Jim,     4-22-99

Thanks for your fast response!

I am actually using both resolutions and find that either seems to work well, I am using a 19" screen (my eyesight is not what it used to be and viewing other apps at the high resolution is a killer!).

I have been scanning into the dos version and then importing.  I am using the new program about 50% of the time and only revert to the dos version if I am doing a lot of drawing.

The text function is great and I must commend you for the ARC lettering feature, it could not be any easier to use!

I do have a file that seems to display the lettering glitch on a regular basis.  I have been playing with it and saving it repeatedly to see if the problems remains.  I will send it to you if I find the problem sticks with
the file.



I downloaded the new viewer this evening, 4/2/99, at 10:45.  It is now 10:52 and I have decided that this would be the one feature I don't think I could do without!

This is a great addition and it would be a real shame if it was not fully used in the final version.

Keep up the good work.

Still planning on playing until late tonight,

John A. Kinnaird


I just looked over the e-zine and other news.  I really enjoyed my visit.  I am very excited about the new software and can hardly wait to see it in Charlotte. 

I know that a lot of effort has gone into the Windows programs and I appreciate receiving the 1998 sign-on screen by e-mail.  Can we get the 1999 sign-on screen the same way? ......

After looking at all of that snow, I enjoyed our 65 degree sunny day even more.

Have a safe trip to Charlotte?  Looking forward to seeing each of you there!

Bobby Landry, Amite Marble & Granite, Amite, LA 1-16-99


Just finished reading your issues.  Congrats are in order!
I have been involved with the Internet since it's early stages.
Never before has anyone in our trade expressed themselves better
online than you have in the Monu-Cad eZine.  And you can quote me on

Joe Auricchio,, 2-5-99

Thank you so much for your very nice link to the Oakwood site. It's nice to get such considerate support. Oakwood has been a long lonely fight and regrettably most folks just dont care about our historic cemeteries.

I have found your web site to be interesting. I work with GIS mapping software and have often thought it would be nice to put together a specialty package for cemeteries. Thanks again.

Terry Jackson  Oakwood Cemetery Site 2-5-99
      I don't have a web site, but we do custom monuments in full color. The
color looks so real on our roses, you could almost pick them from the stone.
We can reproduce anything on granite. Deep shape carving. And full color work.
We use only Cleveland Lithcochrome, and all work is done on site. Have brush
will travel.

Judith T. "Rustie" Rock
Rock's Monuments
P.O. Box 222
Gibsonton, Florida 33534 1-20-99
Dear Jim

Thank you for the invitation to join your growing list of monument retailers
throughout North America and elsewhere. You may add our site to your list
and I look forward to visiting with you in Charlotte.

Best regards

Bob Youngs, CM 1-18-99
Dear Mr. Faliveno,

We would be delighted to be listed at your Monu-Cad site. The correct URL is:
Quality monuments since 1916. Site features online obituaries, memorials, and a 3D cemetery.

We wish you all the best with your new endeavor.

Larry Born
Wulkan Monuments 1-18-99
Jim: Thanks for the link offer. "dennison monuments" would be pleased to be
linked to Monu-Cad.

Please ad the byline---

"Quality Memorials and Monuments at Quality Prices.

Thank you  Gary W. Sweredoski 1-17-99

We are building a reference page (Directory) to every Monument Dealer and Company on the Net.  Even if you don't have a web site, if you have an e-mail address, let us know and we will list you in the Directory.  Send a letter to the editor with your site URL or e-mail address.
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