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1986 - 2014

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Monumental Computer Applications, Inc. (product name MONU-CAD ) was started in December 1986 and is incorporated in the state of New York. The goal of our company is to provide superior affordable computer systems for the Point of Sale of Cemetery Memorials and systems to automate and speed the manufacture of memorials. Due to the specialized needs of the Monument Industry, Monu-Cad has paid special attention to include in its software programs those features which only a true monument draftsperson would realize are necessary in a computer system designed specifically for the Monument Industry. Today there are over 700 Monu-Cad Manufacturing Systems and many hundreds of Monu-Cad Lite! programs in use throughout the US, Canada and Europe and the number continues to increase daily.
High on our list of concerns is the ability to provide quick, efficient service to our customers when help is needed. It is and has been our goal from the beginning to render a superior quality service which will return our customers to full manufacturing operation within 24 hours whenever help is needed and whenever humanly possible to do so.
Our computer manufacturing system proudly supports and includes a library of over 12,000 memorial designs and over 90 "memorial specific" alphabets in addition to an unlimited number of True Type Fonts. We believe that our systems produce cut stencil rubber in less time and with much more reliability than any solution available today.
Jim Faliveno, the president and founder of Monu-Cad, is a retail memorial dealer with over 30 years experience in the Cemetery Memorial Industry. His work experiences include hand stencil cutting as a shop employee, setting, draftsman, field salesman, sales manager and business owner. Jim has taught Sales Management for the National Monument Association (MBNA) and has served as president of the New York State Monument Dealers Association. Jim's unique and imaginative way of selling memorials and his deep understanding of the Memorial Industry provides the foundation and background for the creation of the Monu-Cad software products.
In 1984, due to an employee's illness, Jim began working to develop a computer system which would eliminate the need for manual stencil cutting and which would at the same time serve as a point of sale memorial design system to assist in selling retail customers. Today, we are proud to claim that the Monu-Cad System can perform 24-36 hours of manual stencil cutting work in just 1 1/2 hours!
In 1996, Monu-Cad released the first version of Monu-Cad Lite! which was an MSDOS based program designed to be inexpensive and was to be used primarily for point of sale presentation. The program received an enthusiastic reception in many parts of the industry. However, it was considered to require more knowledge on the part of the operator than many felt was necessary. While the concept was excellent, the actual product was a bit to involved for the average person to use. A far simpler and easier way was needed.
top.gif (1091 bytes) Unfazed by the market reaction, Jim increased his efforts and with the help of his excellent staff, now has proudly released Monu-Cad Lite! for Windows '95-98-Me-2000-XP with "Click & Type" ™. Field tests have shown that the basics of Monu-Cad Lite! for Win '95 can be taught in less than 15 minutes and a person can become quite proficient in it's operation after only 2 hours of working with the program!

In February, 1999, Monu-Cad released the first version of Monu-Cad Pro for Windows '95-'98-NT-2000-XP.  This amazing software program builds on the features first demonstrated in Monu-Cad Lite! and adds significant power and ease of use to an already very powerful manufacturing system.   Today, Monu-Cad Pro is the finest and easiest to use memorial design and manufacturing software available world wide  A demo is available here for downloading.  Click on this link to begin your exploration of MonuCad Proclick here

April 2012, Monu-Cad began BETA testing the first release of Monu-Cad Pro Version 8 which will be a significant software improvement.   Easier, faster. more intuitive and Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible. 

Monu-Cad Lite! for Point of Sale!                 Monu-Cad Pro for Manufacturing!


With Monu-Cad Lite!, Monu-Cad Pro and "Click & Type"™,

now anyone can be a Memorial Layout Expert!


A free demo CD of Monu-Cad Lite! or Monu-Cad Pro for Win'95-98-Me-NT-2000-XP is available free for the asking.  E-Mail your name and address to sales@Monu-Cad.com or click here to download the demo from this web site.

Call 607-264-3653 to have a CD mailed to you.


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