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Written in 1998

On This page are examples of what can be done with a digital camera.  The technology has come a long way and we are pleased with the outcome of our first experiment.  Make sure your video mode is set for 800x600 16 bit color or these pictures won't look right.

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Welcome to Cherry Valley

All of these shots were taken with a Kodak DC210 digital camera. (Click on camera for more camera info.) The shots were taken under poor lighting conditions on 6-10-98 at around 5 pm in the afternoon.  The sky was overcast with occasional sun.  Since the camera had arrived only an hour before, there was little preparation and basically I was in a rush to beat the dwindling light. (a great test!<g>)

The images were shot at HIGH resolution (1152 x 864) setting.  After downloading the images to my computer, the images were resized to 640 x 480 75dpi with no touch up.   Finally, the images were compressed 10:1 and saved in a .JPG format to make them download faster over the internet.

I am pleased with the DC210 and best yet, I got it for $558.00!  This sweetheart has been selling for $899.00 for a long time.   This camera is the ideal companion to our Flip Chart Program and Monu-Cad Lite!

Click on the links and the images will appear in a separate window.  Click on the BACK ARROW button on your browser after viewing to return and then click on the next link to view the next picture.  (These images are fairly large.   Please expect a download time of 20 sec. or so for each ... Jim)  All images are Copyright 1998,  All rights reserved.

Cherry Valley Panoramic View

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More Panoramas

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The above picture shows the village of Cherry Valley nestled away in the mountains of Upstate N.Y.  Click on the picture for a larger view.  Try the panoramic view at lower left of page.

CV Patriot

The people of Cherry Valley were massacred by the Indians and British in 1778 during the American Revolution.   The 5 monument pictures below show the memorial which sits above the mass grave where the inhabitants were buried.

Cherry Valley Cemetery Entrance
CV Massacre Monument shot #1
CV Massacre Monument shot #2
CV Massacre Monument shot #3
CV Massacre Monument shot #4  inscription
CV Massacre Monument shot #5
CV Cemetery Shot #1
CV Cemetery Shot #2
CV Cemetery Fountain
CV Monument #1
CV Monument #2
CV Monument #3
Cherry Valley Lithia Mineral Springs


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More details on massacre

Birth Place of the Information Super Highway


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