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Mck-142 Pro Keyboard
MCK-142 Pro Keyboard

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Monu-Cad Lite! Program Features


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  • User Friendly Click & Type Visual Lettering Placement and Editing;

  • Visual Thumbnail File Selector

  • Instant change of lettering size and style;

  • Instant carving changes and/or replacement;

  • Automatic Panel Creation; panel resizes with lettering;

  • Manual panel placement (replace standard panels with custom made);

  • Super Easy Lettering on Arc; just point and place;

  • Instant replacement of components (ex. swap praying hands for wedding bands);

  • On screen visual movement and placement of components.

  • Easy Scaling (Resizing) of components; Easy Component Rotation;

  • Ability to save lettering from one layout and insert into another;

  • Create brand new memorial designs from monument shapes and pieces;

  • Stand alone Program (does not require additional programs);

  • "Slide Show" type display feature;

  • Complete Illustrated on line help manual with 8 "how to" movies;

  • Free optional "Flip Chart" Program included.GotoFlip Chart Details

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Computer Requirements to Run Monu-Cad Lite!

Any IBM PC compatible computer which is capable of running Windows 95-98 will be able to run Monu-Cad Lite!  Any printer which is connected to that computer will print out monuments with Monu-Cad Lite!  It's that simple!

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Future Plans for Expansion

In the near future, you will see pages added to this site which will allow purchasers of Monu-Cad Lite! to download additional design libraries to add to the designs included with the basic package.  There will be no charge for this service.  Over time, this library will become quite extensive.

In addition, a custom designing service will also be offered for those who need something special.  Charges for this service will be reasonable when necessary.

How to Order

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