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Monu-Cad Lite! Pricing Details
The development of Monu-Cad Lite! required over 4 years of development effort and a very large financial investment.   We realize that a program with these features and this amount of power should be selling in this limited market in the range of $1,000.00 per copy!
However, we also have been in this industry for over 30 years and believe we know our customers and what they are willing to and can afford to pay.  We have therefore decided to "license" Monu-Cad Lite! for only $149.00 per year.  The first year costs more due to the inclusion of a hardware timing device with the program.  (If you would rather pay the $1,000.00 just one time, please call me personally.  607-264-3611 ...Jim)
At the end of the first year, the program will begin to "time out" giving daily warning messages during the last 30 days.  During that "timing out" period, if you call and renew your license for $149.00 with a credit card, we will reset the timer for another year.  If you do not renew, the program will simply stop working.  In this way, if you decide not to renew, you have only spent $199.00.   We do not automatically bill your credit card annually!  You must call and request the renewal.
Free additional "Flip Chart" Program
Included Free in the Monu-Cad Lite! introductory package is an additional program called Flip ChartFlip Chart will allow you to combine Digital Camera and Scanned in pictures of your place of business and memorials and display them in an organized fashion on your computer in the same way you might show them from a salesman's photo binder or "flip chart".  This program was designed to link up with Monu-Cad Lite! so that when one has settled on a design displayed in Flip Chart, a quick jump can be made to Monu-Cad Lite! to edit, modify, personalize the design and then print it out for the customer.  Flip Chart by itself sells for $199.00 but is included Free with this Monu-Cad Lite! introductory offer! This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time.  Click here to order now.
Over time, improvements will be made to the Monu-Cad Lite! program.  All licensed users will be given these improved versions at no cost.  They will be available to download from our web site.  In addition, you may call anytime for software operation support.
We have more powerful programs planned for the future months which will have advanced features not planned for the Lite! version.  If a Lite! user wishes to upgrade to one of these more powerful programs or even upgrade to our manufacturing software, we will credit the full original price you paid for Monu-Cad Lite! toward your new purchase.
In the future weeks, we will be putting various design libraries on our website for you to download.  There will be no charge for this service.   All Monu-Cad Lite! customers who have purchased their copy directly from the main office will be able to download these designs for FREE!  In time, these libraries will become fairly extensive and will exceed the value of your software purchase and annual license fee.  This is a very exciting feature and we can't wait to get it up and running!  (MCL users who are working with a manufacturing concern rather than directly with our main office should contact their manufacturer)
We could go on and on about our future plans but we will save this for our future newsletters.  Please sign up on our mailing list for updates and news.  If you have any questions at all, drop us an email. mailto:jim@monu-cad.com
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