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Programming Information:
What sets the MCK-142 Pro apart from other keyboards is it's 24 programmable keys.

Why is this so important?   Unlike some other keyboards which have been sold in the past, the MCK-142 Pro allows you to program up to 320 keystrokes per programmable key... not just 16 keystrokes or 32 keystrokes.  Our experience with 32 keystrokes was that 32 was never enough!  Just about the time you figured out the macro or combination you needed was when your ran out of keystroke storage!  With the MCK-142 Pro this is never a problem.

Any combination of keys that you can type on the keyboard can be programmed into a PF "puff" Key (PF stands for programmable function). This includes carriage returns (Enter), Ctrl and Alt Combinations, F1-F12 keys, F1-F12 + Ctrl and/or Alt key combinations, numbers, backspace, TAB, Esc ... anything you can type!  You can even program a delay!  For example, M A R Y  H A D  A  L I T T L E  L A M B  (space between each letter) takes twice as long to output than MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB does.  Also, one can type 12 backspace 23 backspace 34 backspace 4 to slow down the output when needed.  The versatility is quite amazing!

The programming that you put into the programmable keys can be saved to a disk file.  This file can then be reloaded back to the keyboard when needed.  Some companies who have purchased several of the keyboards for Data Entry or Accounting and want all keyboards to perform the same have programmed one unit, saved to file and then downloaded that file to all the other keyboards.  The MCK-142 Pro has an on board lithium battery and maintains its programming when the computer is powered off.

The Solid "Clicky" feel of the MCK-142 Pro is the feel most preferred by serious computer users.  Many keyboards today have that "squashy" plastic feel.  There is no weight to these inexpensive keyboards to hold them in place and they always seem to be moving around the table.  You often have to press twice to make sure the keystroke registers correctly.   The MCK-142 Pro is a real pleasure to type on!  Once you have tried one, all others will fail to measure up! 

Full Keyboard Specifications

Compatible with all PC AT computers including new Pentium and Pentium II ATX mother boards.  Standard PS/2 (the little tiny one) connector with large AT style adapter free for the asking normally $4.95); +5v DC standard; L 20.25" x W8.5" x H1.5";coiled 8.5 ft cable.  1 year mfg. warranty.  This is brand new merchandise in factory carton with all manuals, disk and shortcut help information.

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